Manoir AngleOur Saint Emilion road trip started as we departed from Manoir Angle. Manoir Angle is where we had been living and working since we arrived in France. Our son and his friend, both in their 30’s have been staying a few days, enjoying the hospitality of our host.

The hire car was full of our worldly belongings, as well as the kids’ luggage. It was like European vacation as we headed off to Saint Emilion, before the kids returned to Australia. With the early start, around 9.00 am we stopped for a croissant and coffee in the village of Saint-Hilaire an hour south of Manoir Angle.Saint Emilion road trip

As we started Saint Emilion road trip

On the road we continue to towards Saint Emilion, our destination for the next couple of nights. After travelling through the French countryside and surroundings, before we knew it was time to stop for lunch. We stopped at a quaint restaurant in the town of Pons.

The restaurant balcony overlooked the countryside and the 33 meter high Keep of Pons. Here we enjoyed our 12 Euro each 3-course meal, coupled with a shared bottle of Saint Emilion red wine. It is now time to continue our French wine country tour to Saint Emilion.

As we travelled through many small villages and towns along the way, each one had something different to attract your eye from the road. So many unique sights, the sun shining brightly which made the afternoon journey a pleasure.

Reaching Saint Emilion

Monolith Church TowerAs Saint Emilion is perched on a hill, the monolith church spire suddenly appears through the vineyards. It is so exciting, what a sight, awe-inspiring.

Saint Emilion’ monolith church is the largest of its type in Europe. The church is actually underground and consists of a 3 story bell tower topped by the 15th-century steeple. One bell tower dates from the 12 century and two from the 14th century.

Arriving late in the afternoon, we checked into our accommodation in the heart of the village. We were all set for one of the best top French wine tours. It was now time to wander around the famous medieval village of Saint Emilion.

Visiting our first Cave for Saint Emilion wine, we met our host, Christopher. Christopher is an Irish guy from New York City, selling French wine to Australian visitors. One of the many quirks you encounter on French Wine Country Tours.

Following a few tastings of the local Saint Emilion red wine, it was time to move on. The weather was warm, an idyllic evening for sitting, eating and drinking all things French, in the village square. The village square is the center of town life, even when not hosting a market day. The bell tower and spire are overlooking the market place.

Day Two at Saint Emilion

Waking at our accommodation La Mansarde, to a lovely warm morning in Saint Emilion. A short walk into the village square for a traditional French breakfast, coffee, and croissants, sitting in the open air enjoying the surroundings.

Another day meandering through the village, a wine tasting here, a wine tasting there, hoping for a Bordeaux Wine Appellations. Speaking with the local shop owners gaining an insight into the life of this fantastic UNESCO wine village. It was time for another break to soak up the atmosphere with a coffee and local delicacy the Macaroon.

Macarons are not as famous as the towns wine, but macarons are famous throughout France and Europe. Some people say that a group of nuns in St-Emilion were the first to bake macarons in France.

Not content after a macaron, we again found another traditional eatery, enjoying the weather, food and Saint Emilion red wine. After lunch, we went for more exploring, more wine tasting and souvenir shopping, what a great way to fill in a day.

Another evening in and around Saint Emilion village. After a second night at our accommodation near Best Vineyards in Bordeaux, it is time to leave the UNESCO village, Saint Emilion.

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