Chateau de Bonhoste

Today following lunch, at La Mariner seafood restaurant in the UNESCO town of Blaye, we visited Chateau de Bonhoste for French Red Wine Bordeaux.

Driving towards Chateau de Bonhoste

Nearby to Chateau de Bonhoste, is the village of Saint-Jean Blaignac and Saint Emilion with Bordeaux 50 minutes East. It is one of the well-known wine regions near Bordeaux.

The rain has, at times, been torrential whilst driving along the winding, narrow vineyard roads of this famous wine region. Arriving at Chateau de Bonhoste, we met our host Juliette, who greeted us with a very warm welcome.

Starting with a little family history, Chateau de Bonhoste has been a family property for 5 generations. Today Sylvaine and Yannick, surrounded by their parents, Colette and Bernard, perpetuate the traditions of the vineyard. 

Chateau de Bonhoste is on a hillside facing Saint Emilion, overlooking the Dordogne valley. With 66 hectares of vineyards between two Chateaux, Chateau La Mouliere and Chateau de Bonhoste covering 5 appellations. (Bordeaux, Bordeaux Supérieur, Crémant de Bordeaux, Bergerac and Côtes de Bergerac). Therefore, allowing the Fournier family to offer a wide variety and range of wines.

Chateau de Bonhoste is a certified High Environmental Value Chateau. Therefore, the vineyard operates using traditional cultivation methods. For instance, used methods include selecting and controlling yields and optimizing berry maturation. It certainly results in better preserving the breeding genuineness and developing better soil qualities. This yields the best Bordeaux Wine Appellations.

Chateau de Bonhoste accommodationMetal-Glam interior

Later, we stopped along our tour at the vineyards at Bed & Breakfast accommodations. You can rent the wine barrel accommodation on a nightly basis. As a result, you sleep in the heart of the vineyards. In the morning, you will be all set for one of the best wine tours in Bordeaux. It is built using oak as accommodation barrels.

Visiting the underground wine cellar

Underground Cellar

The underground wine cellar was the next stop on our tour. Chateau de Bonhoste wine cellar has been formed by digging out the stone and rock. Construction of the outbuildings and stone walls is from excavated stone and rock from the underground cellar.

The cellars underground storage space is 1,300 square metres, where all the wine barrels and bottled wine is stored. Given the vineyards land is of a porous nature, solid rain seeps through to inside the cellar. This underground cellar stays at a constant year-round temperature of 15 to 16 degrees Celsius.

A walk through the vineyards

Chateau Bonhoste Vineyard

Moving through the vineyards with our guide Juliette, the discussion turned to the vines. For instance, Juliette explained that as the vines mature in age, they produce more fruit. Chateau de Bonhoste replaces vines to ensure they continue to have vines with high yielding berries. The oldest vines on the vineyards are approximately 30 years old.

Finished in the vineyard, it was now time to return to the Chateau to taste the local wine. Red, White or Rose were the tasting choices for this Bordeaux wine tour.

Tasting Best French Red Wine Bordeaux

Tasting Rose Having tasted a variety of Bordeaux red wines during the last seven days, we settled on the Rose. We sat in the chateau tasting area, where it is warm and cozy, with a view over the vast vineyards.

Finally, a chilled bottle of the chateaux Rose’ arrived with two embossed glasses. We opened the wine, and it was time to taste.

The wine was light in colour and certainly soft on the palate. It left a slight floral aftertaste that will certainly linger on your lips for some time.

Stored in stone vats rather than oak vats, the wine certainly has a mineral earthy taste. Therefore this rose’ is very flavoursome and easy to drink. In conclusion, I will definitely recommend this Rose for wine tours in Bordeaux region.

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